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All or Nothing

Posted By Noodah McFashion on Apr 10, 2009 at 12:35PM

At this hour, and while listening to Sam Sparro – (Black&Gold)! I'm having a very late dinner in my kitchen, in the company of Jo & many maaaaany cocottes perfectly scattered on the dining table -so I ended up buying them all after all.
My favorite one is the oval-shaped yellow one, for some reason it made me think of that thanksgiving episode of FRIENDS featuring Brad Pitt complaining about the yams -- not that those cocottes were anywhere in that kitchen, but I think the oval-shaped ones would fit a turkey, a really skinny one perhaps.
How can one be excited about a few iron casseroles? I dunno, but I know this: I can't wait till I play with them all ;p -- I need at least a couple of weeks off of doing nothing but shopping, yoga, cook my own food (only when I'm in the mood to, that is), and listen to good, good music <3 speaking of which, enjoy these songs, I love! {http://teamsugar.com/user/Noodah+McFashion/videos/3022815}

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