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A Gyro is a Gyro.. or is it a Kebap?

Posted By yayita on Feb 15, 2007 at 7:49AM

So wuzzup?? There may be some confusion with the differences between a Gyro as called in NYC and the East coast and a Kebap as called in Europe and some places in the states.



Feel free to comment with your opinions on this delicious treasure made of meat, bread sacial sauce and salad.

Either way the shizz is delicious!!!! :drool:

We start with the New York City gyro, it goes wrapped in pita bread, then the meat, sauce and salad on top.

New York City GyroNew York City Gyro

New York City Gyro 2New York City Gyro 2

This is the Spanish Kebap, In spain they have 2 kinds, teh first comes in a bun similar to a burger bun but only thicker and breadier. The meat is added with the sauce and then the salad as well. The second type is the Durum kebap, it is a pita like bread only flatter, thinner and bigger in diameter, made of durum wheat.

This is a fatty double kebap, Dayuuum!!This is a fatty double kebap, Dayuuum!!

This is the Durum KebapThis is the Durum Kebap

The German Kebap, how gorgeous it is! :drool:

German huge azz kebapGerman huge azz kebap

The famous Kebap on rice, I love this one... in Spain they come with rice, french fries, and indian rice with raisins and nuts :drool:

Kebap on riceKebap on rice

This is the KEBAB (Shish Kebab), not be confused with the KEBAP shown in the 3rd and 4th pics

Meat on a stick is called Shish Kebab or KebabMeat on a stick is called Shish Kebab or Kebab

Kebab with RiceKebab with Rice

OH SNAP!!!!!OH SNAP!!!!!

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